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Why I Support Abortion: Words From a Pro-Choice Woman

April 16, 2012Click to subscribe

Abortion is a heated topic of discussion in our society. Many people on both sides of the debate have different viewpoints, but pro-choice is the way to go. There are many situations in life that may call for a woman to get an abortion and she should have the option available to her.

Having a child is a monumental occasion in a woman's life and raising one is not an easy task either. She has to live with the child growing inside of her for nine months and continue to raise, provide and love that child until he or she is an adult. If a woman gets pregnant when she is young or is mentally, emotionally or economically unable to provide for the child, she should have the option to have an abortion.

There are many ways a woman can get pregnant without expecting it. Whether a woman's birth control fails or she is raped, an unwanted pregnancy is not going to lead to a life of happiness for the woman or the child. There are enough unloved children in the world circulating through our foster care systems and struggling to survive. Creating more people when we cannot care for the ones currently in existence is not a decision anyone should have the right to force women to make.

Abortion is a personal choice and it is not an easy one. Each woman who gets an abortion has to deal with her own morality and personal ethics. The government should trust her to make the decision for herself and stay out of the process of determining what women do with their bodies. Only she can decide her own long-term health and whether she believes having the baby is a good idea for either herself or the child.